A Ministry that HELPS the Local Church

We have compiled a list of resources that will be a benefit to you personally and to your local church. Communication is a key to church growth. Click on title for more info.

The Christian world can now watch and listen to the Ministry of Helps teachings by Dr. Buddy Bell with a simple click on Download Ministry Materials you can find your place in the Body of Christ and have a church on fire with people that want to serve God. Please read Hebrews 6 ver. 10 before downloading materials. Click title to view downloads

Dr. Buddy Bell
The Ministry of Helps International is truly a "Ministry That Helps The Local Church." Over 30 years ago, Dr. Buddy Bell obeyed the call of God to be a "Pastor's Friend" to Pastors within the Body of Christ. Through his travels across the globe, Dr. Bell has had the opportunity to teach on HELPS: Having Enough Loving People Serving in more than 3,000 churches. Dr. Bell has trained thousands of ushers and greeters thru the Serve Workshop and has held hundreds of Team Workshops around the world. Now with the help of live broadcasting , video and audio on the internet Dr. Bell is fulfilling the vision of being on thousands of church staffs around the world.
We appreciate all the hours of work Buddy Bell has put into our ministry of helps to make it one of outstanding excellence. God bless you as you continue to instill quality and superiority into ministries around the nation."
Joel Osteen, Senior Pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas
Our church is indebted to him for laying the foundation of helps in the early years. Imagine a whole army of helpers and servers in a local church that is stirred, challenged and anointed.
Joseph Prince, Senior Pastor of New Creation Church Singapore
Dr. Buddy Bell Mobile Training Center

( Click Here )"I have never been more excited about ministry and technology coming together than I am right now looking at Dr Buddy Bell's Mobile Training Center.  This is an incredible opportunity for Churches and Ministry Leaders to overcome former time and space constraints in training and equipping individuals and groups for the work of the ministry in a new and innovative way. This is an incredible tool that will be used to fulfil the great commission and facilitate the gospel reaching the ends of the earth." Carece Slaughter, CSA Carece H Slaughter | CEO & Coach

Monthly PHP Meetings
are for the purpose of fellowship and training for Pastors and License/Ordained ministers. These meetings will focus on Pastoring in the Local Church. Stay tuned for more PHP groups being added.(click here to go to PHP website)

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